Thursday, 18 December 2008

Away Days in Dazed

Photographing on a film set combines so many of the things that I love. The opportunity to document an enhanced sense of the real world where actors play out their emotions, real life feelings that all of us can relate to. The collaboration of talents that through directing, lighting, styling and set design, make it possible to create a very particular world where all these elements come alive. With Awaydays everything was accesible- hiring a cast of relative unknowns, there were no winnebagos, no entourage, no limits. As soon as the cameras rolled I could follow the actors as I would on a reportage assignment- always there but never visible. As they switched into the Liverpool of 1979, I was transported there as well. The emotions on set were palpable. I feel sure these young actors will be real stars of the future.


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