Monday, 7 March 2011

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter in Another Magazine

Another have run a three page feature on my Heart is a Lonely Hunter series that I shot in Selma, Alabama..
Here is an excerpt I wrote which talks about Robert, one of several incredible characters we met on our travels.
Love in Store
A mist covers the river as the sun comes up, I meet a woman called Dr Love. She tells me it is her mission to spread love and soften people’s hearts. Afterwards I go into an antique shop, the owner is called Robert. He is smoking and mending a broken table. He tells me people are getting bigger these days and chairs keep breaking. He has rows of tools and a letter addressed to him with Mother Theresa stamps stuck on, there is a smell of something cooking. He takes us out for a drive to a forgotten church that he takes care of. Light pours in and he gives us bourbon, ice rattles in the plastic glass. Later we drive twenty miles to eat dinner with his girlfriend. We sit on the porch while she cooks and he asks me if i have a man and is he supportive. I say I do and he is. He says he would be too, that he wouldn’t mind if a girl travelled and followed her passions. I say for some people it’s a problem. He says of course and that any man who says otherwise is lying. The next day he gives me a Indian arrowhead carved out of rose crystal.

Literary Journey opens at Transition Gallery on the 29th April 2011

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We pass the kiss between us
Entice our minds to empty

Looking for heaven
In metallic shivering light


Dancing in plumes
Of cobalt blue and warm