Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lost Transmission

I received this sad package in the post today.. an empty torn envelope addressed to me sealed in a royal mail bag with a printed apology. Who knows what the contents may have been and where they are now...


party penguin said...

I like the photographs very much. A lot of my poetry is about light and how it can change our perception of things. The simplicity and elegance of the pictures is very striking.


Miniature Love said...

hi MD, thank you
i would love to read your poems, can you tell me where i can find them..

MD said...

I am re-building my blog. I could email or post some of them to you if you like..


Miniature Love said...

yes please!

MD said...


Circles ripple
Circle to circle


The emotion of anguish dreamed
Former ghosts and those who wait

Random glimpses
Glimpsed in fading light

She wears amorphous jumpers

A vindication of the life stretched back
A trance that propels the world